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Recent Testimonial

  • Sherry

    Sherry and her boyfriend were falling behind on payments that were starting to catch up to them.

    They reached out to us and we were able to close with them in under 3 weeks to get them the money they needed to catch up on their bills.  Our ability to close quickly helped the couple avoid foreclosure and other penalties they were facing from debt collectors.

  • George

    George received a post card from us in the mail and was skeptical when he first called in to speak with our team, believing that we may have been a scam.

    After speaking with the Honest Home Solutions team, George felt comfortable with us and scheduled an appointment to have Erik walk his home for a cash offer.  Erik and George agreed on a price the same day and we got George to closing in a little less than a month.   We were able to provide and pay for George's move to his campsite.  George is now a very satisfied client, and a believer in our process!  He's spread the word around his community about our team and how we helped him find a solution.


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